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Introducing Marina Chello September 30, 2009

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Marina Chello

Photo Credit: http://www.totalassault.com/assets/images/1714.jpg

On being a professional artist and landing a record deal new artist Marina Chello describes it as “surreal”. The daughter of rocker father, she chose to continue the family’s tradition for the love of music, just a different genre: R&B and Pop.  She moved with her family to New York City at age 11, transitioning from Russia to New York was a huge change for her, especially adapting to the culture “It was a big task because I didn’t know the language”. Her passion for music helped her make the transition. She listened to the music industry’s greatest female singers, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc. to help her learn English. Having the arguably the world’s greatest singers be her guide to the English language was definitely shows through the vocal range, singing  songs by Andrea Bocelli and Alicia Keys featured on her YouTube page. Though she always wanted to be a singer, during her high school years she had an alternative career to fall back on: attend college and eventually law school.

She’s another “MySpace” success story, after opening an account; she met President of Crazy Joint Records, Harve Pierre (former executive at Bad Boy Records) and auditioned for him.  She was signed soon after and recalls the Her favorite song on her debut album “What’s Done Is Done” is “ Sideline”, an emotional R&B/Pop ballad that tells the story of neglect. The song was an immediate match for the album, “Sideline is the reason why we chose it, the moment I heard it, and I had tears in my eyes.” Since she’s still in the midst of recording her debut album, she knows how hard it is to actually live out your dream and deal with the reality of it, in terms of advice, she recommends “work on your craft if you really love it, work on the business but really get in the studio and work on your craft.”

Her top 5 favorite albums (in no particular order):

  1. Eagles “When Hell Freezes Over”
  2. Michael Jackson “History”
  3. Mariah Carey “Emotions”
  4. Shania Twain “ Come On Over”
  5. White Snake “Greatest Hits”

For more information on Marina Chello check out her Myspace page, Youtube Page, and listen to “Sideline”



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