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Just A Case of Writers Block June 11, 2009

Posted by Ashley in ashmagazine.
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Photo Credit: http://troybronsink.typepad.com/churchasart/images/2008/03/22/yaisha.jpg

To Ash Magazine Readers,

I currently have a huge case of writer’s block, so I haven’t been able to write anything. If you have any tips for getting over writers block email me, ashmagazine@gmail.com

For now, youtube videos , a few health and lifestyle posts (I deactivated my blog on today.com ) and current news on pop culture will be the norm.




1. Ryan - July 22, 2010

Try this random word generator. Get a list of random words and use them as stimulus for ideas. When you run out of ideas then generate a new list and repeat.


2. Amrani - May 22, 2012

GLORY!She’s getting out of those CORNFIELDS!Good deal! CONGRATULATIONS!We can aadrley hear you screeching out the words to Odyssey’s Native New Yorker !!We are going to have to get you a better picture, though, where you aren’t all slizzerd and your leg isn’t hiked up quite so high. Um, maybe not no telling what types of pics you’ll be posting once you move to New York (oh my!!! somemone please hold the tequila gimlets!!).One request: Um, you really need to come back home, Celie, to your native Georgia and teach, so that I can take a class, preferably at a university that I can afford. I would love that!!But until then, do your thang, Tayari!!!Again, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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