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Chatting with Devon True of Starrset December 12, 2008

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Photo Credit: Starrset

If you’re looking for a new sound that blends club, house and hip-hop, I definitely recommend the new music duo-Starrset.  Brothers Devon True & Maverick McFly maybe still in their teen years but their passion for music shows they’re a force to be reckoned with. Check out the Q & A I had with Devon True:

1)  How did you start in the music industry?

Our Instinct got us started, on top of having a music involved family. 

 2)  Who are your influences for your music?

Art, innovative music/movies, robots, ourselves, electric sounds, planets, anything NEW and HOT, and so on.

 3)  Who are your favorite artists?

Pharrell, Kanye, Timbaland, Starr set, Berg, Shane Trace, Bwise and anyone who pushes the limit of music.

 4) Have you always had a passion for music?

Our main passion was sports at a younger age, but then we came across the love of creating music!, it is the best feeling to know that you can create it so great as we do, ha ha.

5)  On your MySpace Page, you’re new single was produced by Kanye West, How was working with him?

Its actually Our boy Tony Williams upcoming single & Kanye produced it. They actually had us hop on the remix. We brought our violinist from Cape Town Africa Isle V to play a few strings on it and the rest was history.

6) Are there any other artists you would like to work with?

Duran Duran, MJ, Daft Punk.

 7) How would you describe your music style?

THE TRUE MEANING OF INDESCRIBABLE! People always try to put us in a box but we dip into every genre there is sonically

8) Any other words for ash magazine’s readers?

All our TRUE supporters, we love you all!!!……..hit our myspace to hear the MADNESS! , Myspace.com/StarrsetMusic

9) What are your top 10 favorite albums of all time? Nas-Illmatic MJ-Thriller NERD-Fly or Die Outkast-ATLiens Missy-The real world Jayz-Blueprint A Tribe Called quest-Midnight Marauders 2pac-7 day theory Dr Dre-2001 Kanye West-Late registration BIG-Ready to Die Starrset-untitled right now

10) Who are your music idols/role models?

Our family, each other (being that were brothers we feed off each other), & also Mr. Barack Obama!






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