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Michelle Obama Covers MORE Magazine’s October Issue September 5, 2008

Posted by Ashley in politics, pop culture.
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Well, by my posts you can tell that I’m an Obama supporter. I hope this doesn’t bother any of my readers who aren’t supporters of Barack Obama & the Demorcatic party, I’m just showing my fave candidate and his family some love.

For the October issue of MORE Magazine, the ultimate magazine for all women of a certain age (meaning 40 and up), Michelle Obama is gracing the cover. I haven’t found much info on her article with MORE (not even on the website), but I’m sure its talking about being in her forties and promoting her hubby.

Click here to read MORE’s Editor-In-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour thoughts on Michelle.



1. ananda - September 6, 2008

thanks so much for this post. i am looking foward to my october issue arriving in the mail. i may have to get one in the store. oooh wwweeee.

2. tigermeg - September 23, 2008

The timing is suspect with the election just a few weeks away. Unless MORE is now a political mag it should not have used its cover to promote anyone connected to the race including Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain. Or it could have pictured all three ladies to demonstrate its neutrality.

No magazine these days can afford to alienate even a small portion of its readership. MORE probably feels comfortable enough without direct competition for its demographic to say whatever it likes. Time will tell whether readers agree.

3. Alexis - October 4, 2008

I ❤ Michelle.

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