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Dear Ash Magazine, August 29, 2008

Posted by Ashley in ashmagazine.

Recently I’ve recieved a few questions from readers regarding how to get an internship and how to track similar shades of their fave lipsticks, here are my answers:

1) I would love to find a good magazine to intern for. More on the lines of fashion and beauty. could you help me?


Dear Kate,

-If you want to intern in the fashion or beauty department, its best to look in the mastheads of your favorite magazines. Like, if your fave mag is Marie Claire, you buy a recent issue and check out the editorial masthead, and see whose is in the fashion and beauty departments. Google them, most magazines have e-mail addresses for their readers to use to contact their editors. Definitely check out Ed2010.com, its the best way to find info on current internships in the magazine industry (that’s where I landed my internship with AMBER Mag.com). If you’re in college, talk to anyone in your journalism department , communications department, or English department about info on internships.

Here is the link to the internship site on Ed2010.com, and be sure to look into joining an organization for journalists or people in the media, for example –New York Women in Communications, Inc. , National Assoication of Black Journalists, The National Assoication of Hispanic Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Assoication,  etc.

2) Where can I get W n W clear lipgloss in a tube?


Hi Deb, Wet’N’Wild’s Glassy Gloss Lip Gel has 311 Reflection. Also, check out Mega Slicks Lip Gloss 516 A Crystal Clear.

3) A.  I was searching the Wet N Wild lipstick site to see what happened to 503A also.  I live in Palm Desert, CA and haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  Tried to decide what color might have replaced it, but didn’t have much luck there either.

Did you get information from anyone concerning a replacement?

Thanks, -Marilyn Scarborough

3) B. HELP!!!  I’ve been using W and W lipstick and eye and lip liners for years…..I experimented with many lipsticks that proved to be useless to me because of wanting just a certain color and look…these lipsticks were from different companies also.

Then I found W and W’s 503-A……loved it and have been using it exclusively for ages, since it is what I was looking for.  Now…..I can no longer find it anywhere where I live.  I have tried all the shades around it, including 503-B and 510-A and others.  Please help or give me a phone number for the company so I can get the needed info…..I just can’t stand to start in on another round of blind-tests trying to find the right color again!!  Thanks

-P. Knowles

Hi Marilyn & P. Knowles,

I’ve searched the Internet looking for the 503-A shade, and haven’t found much. Most customers are asking the same questions as you, how can I find my shade? Can you either of you give me the color of 503-A. I’m not familiar with Wet’N’Wild’s lipsticks, mostly the glosses. If you want contact the company you can fill out a contact form on their website. If you’re having trouble looking for a drugstore that sells Wet’N’Wild, this link lists several stores who sell Wet’N’Wild cosmetics.



1. ananda - August 30, 2008

this is great to see folks sharing info.

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