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Chatting w/ Delsha Moodley August 21, 2008

Posted by Ashley in lifestyle.
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 I’m not a political person, but I do have some knowledge of the Zimbabwe election controversy. I had to read The New York Times for my journalism class and a new story on Zimbabwe seemed to pop up every week. Although various journalists and political analysts have shared their opinion on the country and its current situation, rarely have you heard from the actually people of Zimbabwe and their thoughts. Meet Delsha Moodley. Delsha is just like any other young woman in her twenties. She’s ambitious, motivated, full of life, etc and she just happens to be Zimbabwean. Delsha, who now calls the UK her home, contacted me via myspace. After learning she was Zimbabwean, I was eager to know what her thoughts were on the current state of her native country. Below is her perspective on Zimbabwe, Africa and its Diaspora.

Why Do You Want To Inform People About Zimbabwe?

Being that i am Zimbabwean born i feel it’s important to embrace my country and inform people about it. But as in a whole it’s important for all of us African descent people to not forget the Motherland and it’s people. I might be Zimbabwean but i feel we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of race, religion or culture. Mama Africa is misunderstood and very little is known about it including it’s history. People think of Africa as bushmen living in the wildlife with the lions. There is more to Africa, many people see the continent in a pessimistic view due to famine, disease, corruption, war and dictatorship.

What Are Your Thoughts on The Africa Dispora?

Nothing in life is perfect and not all sufferings can be eradicated, but making an effort to help those in need, i don’t mean billions of dollars in donations but even sponsoring a child in a third world country or ones own or monthly donations to certain organisations, does go a long way. We cannot save everyone but at least saving one person’s life is important including preserving wildlife habitats, i myself also sponsor a black rhino in Kenya, Kinyanjui as they are on the verge of extinction in Africa.

And thoughts on Africa?

For years many years slaves suffered torture but thank you to all those heros and heroines for their determination to be set free and live their lives as a human being, also thank you to all those non-africans that helped the abolition of slavery. It is important for us to try to be benevolent.
All those Africans taken from their countries still tried to keep their cultures going, yet they might have lost their lingo, they have managed to keep the African cultural heritage going strong through dance. That’s what i love is the music, the talent, the happiness, the rhythms, the drums that Africa brings to the World. Looking at Soca, Rumba, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Capoeira, Kwaito, Samba, Reggaeton, Reggae all these deriving from African descent people.The tradition of beads, feathers, fabric etc representing significance.
The flora and fauna, the beautiful attractions, the wildlife, the landscapes the harmony of life.

Africa is in the poorest, yes! But when music and dance is put to test they stay on top of the situation, bringing people closer together and happy, a time when rich and poor, young and old coalesce. Africa in a whole is in danger due to ethnic conflicts, military powers, dictatorship, greed, disease, especially HIV, crime, poverty, famine and war. But this is not caused by continent it is caused by certain human individuals that thrive to be acknowledged for their power.

So for me i suggest people should just start being loving to one another regardless if you born in Africa or not, we all came from there yeah! And look towards projects that help with education assistance to young children, because they are our future and need to be educated, able to read in order to know their rights, so they may be able to stand on their own two feet and secure a better future for themselves.

How Do You Want People To View Zimbabweans?

When i arrived in England, many people i met always asked me which country i came from and when i mentioned Zimbabwe, i always got them asking me questions especially about the political situation. They did not know anything about the country the President’s name was and all the violence portrayed by the media. I however never got involved in a political discussion, but many people wanted to know more about the country besides the negative side, so that’s why i decided to start my blog, so that people could access a bit more information on Zimbabwe on one site instead of searching so many websites. I obviously wanted to show the optimistic side of Zimbabwe.

What is your purpose for starting your blog?

My aim would be that i would like people to not stereotype Zimbabweans due to the issues on going in the country. Zimbabwean people are loving and happy beings with a strong family and spiritual background and they strive for a better education. Music and dance also plays a large part.

What Do You Think About The Voting Situation in Zimbabwe?

As far as politics and the voting scenario, i cannot comment on that because i do not know much about politics myself. My country is currently going through a lot of financial issues due to the ever rising inflation rate, this is affecting each and every being, therefore there is an increase in poverty, lack of jobs and opportunities, lack of investment. I hope the International and regional community will not turn their backs on Zimbabwe, because us non-political people have no say over the running of the country. We just want to live peacefully, happy and move on in life and strive for a better future. Zimbabwe once dubbed as the ‘basket of Africa’ is no longer but i remain optimistic that one day things will change. As far as Ihave read I see there will be talks with both the ruling and opposition party, so i do hope this will be the beginning of a prosperous Zimbabwe.

To learn more about Delsha, visit her myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/delshamoodley

and her blog: Delsha : http://delbanella.blogspot.com/



1. pipsy - August 22, 2008


spoken like the true Zim angel you are…


2. Lori - August 22, 2008

You are a very beautiful gift to your people.. you are full of passion and love for the country of your birth, and in today’s world of evil doing it is a blessing to see someone that is so young full of great worries for your people.. I love everything that you have to offer to those that wish to learn about you and your people and I am one of them.. You over the short time of getting to know you.. we have became very close.. from that I have learn that you do care about your homeland and your people.. I know within my heart you will become someone important to your people.. Much love and Happiness your dear best friend Lori

3. Hosea - August 27, 2008

…with dance as your megaphone your message will be heard.

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