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A Couple Hours at The Wendy Williams Show August 20, 2008

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(My friend Deborah and Me at The Wendy Williams Show)

On August 6th , I left home about 6am to catch the train to New York City. I had a good reason to wake-up so early, I had tickets to see a live tapping of the Wendy Williams Show. I applied for tickets in late June and received a reply during mid July stating my request for tickets have been granted. I was excited. I’ve heard so many people say good things about Ms. Williams show, so I was excited to go.

Audience members were asked to be at the set by 8:15 am, so since I’m not good at directions, I left early to give myself enough time to lost and to get there on time. While walking, I recieved a couple compliments from the nearby construction workers (courtesy of the dress code for Wendy’s show). I later recognized that the building that hosts The Wendy Williams Show is right next to the construction site, so the workers were used to see beautifully dressed women since the show has been there. The were two lines when I got there, with the first one holding at least 100 people. I didn’t expect so many people to show up at 8am in the morning.

My friend Deborah met me later (with her very nice boyfriend) and we were able to go inside. After we signed in and got out tickets for the show and freshened up, we walked into The “How You Doin” room. The “How You Doin” room is just a little lounge where audience members sit and talk until their called to go into the studio for the show. Its very crowded and very loud, since their probably 200 to 250 people all talking at the same time. Everyone there is greeted by a few producers who ask us to fill out a survey, its for people who want to ask Wendy for advice for her segment “Ask Wendy”. I’m too shy so I decline. Later, we’re called in and we get in out seats. I’m so excited.

The studio is a lot smaller than it looks on television. Later,the producers introduce their selves and even start a dance off to get everybody excited for show ( a woman in an orange dress wins hands down and gets a tote bag with the Wendy Williams Show Logo on). 

Wendy is person looks exactly the same, she is very tall and full of life. My favorite part of the show was when Boys 2 Men performed and Nathan and Shawn gave out roses in the audience . Guess who got one? Me! I was so nervous when I saw Nathan walking up the aisle, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was so happy, if he would of sang to me, then I would’ve definitely had a hear attack LOL. I had a great time and loved every minute of it.

Although this is the last week of the six-week run of The Wendy Williams Show, her show has been picked up by FOX and will turn next year!!!! So be sure to tune in during 2009 to catch new episodes of the show.

Check out the recap video here: at:19, you can see me and Deborah in the far left (way in the back).

A few photos of the beautiful flower:



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