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A-K-A-Barbie July 14, 2008

Posted by Ashley in pop culture.
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To celebrate its 100th year anniversary, Mattel has created an Alpha Kappa Alpha Barbie doll. All dressed in pink and green, this barbie will be available in stores soon. If you didn’t know, Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first African-American sorority, established in 1908 at Howard University. Out of the sororities I’ve seen Alpha Kappa Alpha or  Mu Sigma Upsilon) are among my favorites, (although my friend Deborah and cousin Betty would rather me like Delta Sigma Theta)  though I doubt I’d join them. The sisterhood I can deal with, but the stepping I can’t (I’m not that good at dancing).



1. AKAtude ooooh8 - July 14, 2008

I think its absolutley beautiful and its wonderful that a mjor company like mattel would recognize such a powerf organization


2. browngirlgumbo - July 15, 2008

Love the Barbie!!

If I were ever to join a sorority, it would be AKA! What can I say, I love pink & green!

3. sonya - July 19, 2008

exactly how does this European looking almost white doll counteract the colorism and self hatred exposed in those test, aka’s really are stupid its not just a steroptype

4. mrsFAB - August 28, 2008

Wow, this doll loks like mrsFAB… That’s me, skee-wee my sorors.

5. mrsFAB - August 28, 2008


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