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HBO Documentary Films Presents: June 24, 2008

Posted by Ashley in awareness, movie reviews.
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HBO, one of the best cable networks in the world, has yet made another reason why HBO receives critical acclaim for its films and shows. A couple weeks ago, the network debuted its new series of documentaries, “HBO Films Presents….”, which premieres a new documentary every monday during the summer, that showcases varies from eduaction, to coming out to autism. One docuemtary that is mandatory to watch is “Resolved”. It  featured two high school debate teams: one predominately white and the other black. It focused on the art of high school debating and the process that students go through during their debate matches. “Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card”,a film focusing on how students at Frederick Douglass High school in Baltimore City are affected by the No Child Left Behind Act. If you’re a fan of the fourth season of The Wire, then this documentary is a must see. Its ironic how a high school whose most famous alumni is Thurgood Marshall turned out to be a school where most students are likely to join a gang than graduate. Hopefully this documentary will be a wake-up call for everyone: students, teachers, parents, to stop blaming each other and start working together to stop this cycle of drop-outs, low self-esteem, joining gangs, teen pregnancy, etc., and change it into a positive.

A Preview of Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card



1. cultavix - July 9, 2008

i like your claim “one of the best cable channels in the world”… it just shows the ignorant mindset of the american people how they feel their country is the world..

its not your fault entirely either, all sorts of entertainers and organizations in america claim they are the “best in the world” when talking about their american organizations…

good post though, just pointing that out ;P

2. cultavix - July 9, 2008

by the way, i lived in Baltimore for 10 years

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