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Michelle Obama Guest Host on The View June 18, 2008

Posted by Ashley in politics, pop culture.
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Michelle Obama was on The View today as a guest host along with Whoppi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepperd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters. She was a natural, hopefully her appearance will make that quote she made about “finally being proud to be an American” be put to rest. I watched Barack Obama’s appearance on The View a month ago, and he was a natural as well. They just seem cool, calm and collected . Barack The Vote!!!!



1. LVS Williams - June 19, 2008

Although I have not yet decide whether I will even vote this November due to the chaos in the democratic party, Michelle Obama was absolutely intelligent, heartwarming, delightful and willing to take her “view” to all of the world. Congratulations to her and she may have just swayed my vote. More “live” information and toned down comments from the potential First Lady in November need to be seen and heard.

2. LVS Williams - June 19, 2008

See above.

3. LVS Williams - June 19, 2008

I continue trying to post my blogs on CNN yet they don’t ever seem to post. Who, I’ve asked this before, reads and edits these comments? I wholeheartedly understand the enormous amounts of mail Larry King, Anderson Cooper, et.al receive but I am currently writing a book on this particular high-voltage election and want some replies. Thank you Ash Magazine editors for at least posting this message. I am not familiar with your publication, but want to know more about it. Please send additional info.

Thank You.

LVS Williams

4. Brutellio - July 7, 2008

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