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If I had an Ipod…. April 30, 2008

Posted by Ashley in Music.
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I haven’t written an “If I had an Ipod” post in a while, but tons of new music have revived me to write reviews again. First off, I remember Amanda Diva as a VJ on MTV2, but after doing  research (googling LOL), I’ve found out she is a poet (she’s been on Russel Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam), artist (she paints) and rapper (her most current album, Life Experience is on itunes now). And after the release of Supa Woman, Ms. Amanda Diva has now released her second single “Windows Over Harlem”.  Its about  Harlem ,of course, its an ode it, shown in a positive light. The music video really goes with the song (which is really big because most videos today don’t show the same a message that the song gives). Its has an old-school feel meets new school showing elements of the past harlem, while also showing the present. It shows Hip-Hop is a positive, sophisticated light.

Cassie’s new single “Official Girl” off her up-coming sophomore album showcases her voice in a different tone. I know, I know, she’s no Whitney Houston, or Mariah Carey, or Christina Aguilera when it comes to singing, but with “Official Girl”she’s trying to use her vocals more. “Offical Girl” is about a girl wanting her relationship with her “boyfriend” to be official and to be exclusive to only each other. It’s a good dance song, I think its supposed to come out officially in September, but it feels like a summer time song, that’s just my opinion.

And last not but not least, Gavin Degraw. If you don’t know his face, you might as well know his voice, his single ” I Dont Want to Be” is the theme song to the CW hit drama “One Tree Hill”. And Zach Braff (Jersey native and star of the hit NBC comedy Scrubs) directed the video for Gavin’s second single “Chariot” (which is a way better song than his first single, in my opinion). Gavin’s new single ” I’m in Love with a Girl” is basically about what the title says, he’s in love with a girl. She’s this woman whose the complete opposite of him, someone he felt head over heels with, and cannot get enough of. The music video features former Laguna Beach reality-tv star  Kristen Cavallari as his love interest, while both of them are in a mall, having fun and trying to not be caught by the mall security guard. Yet another great song from a very talented artist.

I definitely recommend downloading all three songs, and definitely pick up Amanda Diva’s album, Life Experience. Now, if you’ve been reading for a while, you know I’m a cheap person, so I normally  wouldn’t write about anything I can’t afford, but this album is available on as a hard copy for only $ 7.99 ( and only $10 with shipping & handling). Most CD’s cost from $14.99 to $20.00, this is a bargain. I like a few songs I’ve heard from her, so I’m buying it,  check out her myspace page.



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