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Rant & Rave April 18, 2008

Posted by Ashley in pop culture.

Rant & Rave is a new segment about recent topics in pop culture. Just trying out something new. Think of it as a gossip update and an open forum at the same time. Please leave me your thoughts about it.

-Congrats to Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz for getting engaged last week. Although there is a rumor going around that she is pregnant, there could also be a very good chance she’s using the rumor for publicity.

Foxy Brown has been released from prison today. All the drama she went through (and caused) in jail and before, it seems like yesterday she was convicted. Do you think being in jail (as well as her chaotic behavior) will benefit  her career or damage it?

– VH1 premeired its new reality TV show, Ego Trip’s Ms. Rap Supreme this week. Although I’m not a big fan of hip-hop, I am a big fan of Ego Trip’s Race-o-Rama mini series, so I decided to check it out. Again, I’m not a big fan of hip-hop, but I guess some of the women picked had some talent (i was glad someone from New Jersey made the top 10, Is it obvious that I’m a Jersey Girl LOL). Anyway, the show seems kinda scripted, and not really aimed at showing hip hop in a positive way. It almost plays on the stereotypes of black women and hip hop artists (just like Ego-Trip’s The White Rapper Show). I guess it is a way of exposure for the rappers, but I don’t understand why Khia is a contestant (she had a single and an album out a couple years back , so she’s had her time as new artist trying to establish herself.) What do you think about the show?

Rant & Rave



1. ananda - April 19, 2008

i love the new section on rant and rave.

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