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40 Years Later April 4, 2008

Posted by Ashley in awareness.


Today marks the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr. assassination. For someone who truly represented peace and for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, to live together with discrimination based on the color of their skin, I can not and still do not understand why he had to pass away.
What were people afraid of? 1) Were they scared that people of all cultures would come to the realization that color of a person’s skin does not determine their rights as a citizen, 2) and it doesn’t make a group of people superior to another, and 3) that people can actually think for theirselves and not be controlled by ignorance and stereoypes.
What would our country be like if Dr. King was still alive today? Would still debate on whether having a man of color or a woman be a possible candidate shows how far USA  has come as a nation or would it already be apart of the norm? Would we not care about Celebrity Culture or would we still feign for Beyonce & Jay-Z’s wedding photos? I know this blog doesn’t have alot of political posts, but it just had me thinking.
-P.S. I think WordPress is doing some more changes again, so the font is messing up.


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