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Black History Month February 1, 2008

Posted by Ashley in awareness, lifestyle.
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Photo Credit: http://www.ariousentertainment.com/blackHistoryCollage1.png

Today marks the first day of the month of February and also the first day of Black History Month. This year marks the 32nd year that the U.S. (and Canada) have celebrated African-Americans and learned more about the history of African-Americans the struggles as well as the  triumphs/victories. This is the time to expand your knowledge of African American History if you’re  African-American or not.

Be sure to check out your local library/museum to see if they’re showing any movies or having any forums for Black History Month.If you’re a college student, be sure to check out any special forums, discussions, presentations on black history on campus or visit your campus’ department of African Studies and see what’s happening. If you’re a Rutgers student (like moi), be sure to click on these links, there are a lot of things happening through out the campus’: Rutgers-Camden, Black History Month at Rutgers University, Newark as well as Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus .

And check out these sites as well: BlackHistory , The Biography Channel’s showcase on Black History Month and a new website , The Root as well as Rutgers-Newark’s Department of African-American & African Studies



1. charismaallover - February 5, 2008

Thank you so much for the information. There is this forum called AfricanAmerica.org where our black people talk about different issues and history and other topics.

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