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Introducing….Ellie Owen January 27, 2008

Posted by Ashley in lifestyle.


I first met Ellie Owen via myspace. He was browsing profiles of writer/photographers, etc. and my page came up. I browsed his page and liked the designs he had and and later asked him for an interview (via myspace ofcourse). Check out this up and coming designer who sites Joan Crawford as his ultimate celeb to design for and Marc Jacobs as one of his role models in the fashion industry.

Why do you want to be a designer?

To have something that I could have 100 percent creative control over. With fashion I can do that. Whatever is in my mind I can create without exception.

How did you get your start in designing?

I have always wanted to own a business, in middle school and high school I used to create little things I could sell to my class mates, I used to do funny things (when I think about it) like rhinestoned bandannas, or customizing things for classmates.

Who/what inspires you to create your designs?

I always start every collection with a story. There is always a plot behind the designs that begins, climaxes and ends the story. Fabrics, color, old songs, and movies. Life and simple things inspire me.

Who are you fave designers/role models in the fashion industry?

I like Hedi Slimane and Marc Jacobs of course. But i really love to look at retro dior. I also really do admire Sean Combs, I aspire to be on level like his business wise.

What do you think about the  hit reality TV show Project Runway? Would you ever try out for it?

I like the show, I watch it when I can catch it. I really respect what those designers do and thinks it’s amazing but as far as trying out, right now it’s not for me. I will soon be graduating from Florida A&M University and that is my big focus right now. I can’t say what tomorrow will bring though. One day I would like to have my own reality t.v show or produce one.

Have you met any people in the fashion industry?

I have met more people in the music industry. I love to work with artist, producers, writers, and I love to see how things work in that industry. If I could get one of my garments on a red carpet that would greatly expand my career.

What’s your ultimate fashion week: New York, Paris, London or Milan?

It would be a great blessing from God to be in any, And I’m sure one day I will be, but Milan would have to be my ultimate.

What are you fave fashion magazines/blogs?

I love Complex Magazine, I have to keep it real on that one. I love high fashion but I try to create instead of emulate, that is why I stay out of the real fashion mags. Concreteloop is the blog I visit most.

 What artist/model/actor or actress would you love to design for?

I would be greatful to design for anyone but who wouldn’t want to design for Beyonce, Tracey Ellis Ross, Megan Good, But my ultimate is Joan Crawford, she is elegance and strength.

What advice can you give to other up and coming designers?

I am still up and coming myself and have a lot to learn but the lessons I have learned so far is….If you want to make this a career you have to be about business. You have to create professional relationships, you have to have clothes people want to buy, and you have to know what you want out of it,how big you want to be. But most of all you have to keep God first and he will do more than you think he will.

Any website/blog about you that my readers can check out?

myspace.com/ldc86  Thanks so much and God Bless



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