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nywiciNEXT Blog January 26, 2008

Posted by Ashley in Blogs I Love.
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If you’re a young woman whose also an up and coming magazine editor,newspaper journalist, publicist, news anchor, etc. and you haven’t found a group of young women who you can relate to on your career aspirations, then you should check out the nywiciNEXT Blog (www.nywicistudents.wordpress.com). Created by nywici student member Sammy Davis (www.fashionagenda.blogspot.com) this blog features post from a group of diverse,real,young women who are in college in pursuit of their dream in communications. nywiciNEXTis a blog that stems from its newsletter nywiciNEXT (http://www.nywici.org/nywiciNEXT.html) as well as its organization: New York Women in Communications Inc.(www.nywici.org). Like I said, it features young women as they embark on pursuing their careers, one post features great advice by way of magazine editors from the student career conference (http://nywicistudents.wordpress.com/2007/11/16/magazine-journalism/) another talks about the joy of studying abroad (http://nywicistudents.wordpress.com/2007/07/25/universal-communications-exploring-career-options-abroad/). I know this post has alot of links, but I haven’t yet mastered the tool to hide the links withn the words, so bare with me LOL.  Whatever it maybe, this site give young women who are interested in a career in communications an inside look on how it all starts, from the ground up.



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