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Fashion Internships January 26, 2008

Posted by Ashley in ashmagazine.
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I noticed I received several searches for fashion journalism internships. Although I am the least person to talk to when it comes to fashion, I know a couple of sites that can help. If you’re looking for a fashion editorial internship (magazine/newspapers/online magazines) I suggest going on ed2010, www.ed2010.com They feature several internships a week, and as of right now, tons of fashion journalism internships are available (including one with Teen Vogue Magazine if you’re in the NYC area: http://www.ed2010.com/jobs/whisperjobs/2008/01/teen-vogue-spring-08-fashion-and-accessories-interns). Also, there is this great website called, Fashion Internships, www.fashioninternships.blogspot.com which features internships in fashion from magazines to designers.



1. kate - August 23, 2008

I would love to find a good magazine to intern for. More on the lines of fashion and beauty. could you help me?

2. apaperdolldiary - January 3, 2010

Please check out my blog!
I’m new to blogging, I’d love your feedback.

3. standoutinterns - October 24, 2010

http://www.standoutinternships.com has some fashion internships as well……but they are in Sydney!?!

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