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Miss America Gets a Facelift January 8, 2008

Posted by Ashley in pop culture.
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Last night I watched the first episode of TLC‘s new series,  Miss America: Reality Check. This reality show (which is hosted by actor Michael Urie, who plays Marc , Whilhelmina’s assistant on Ugly Betty) will focus on giving the contestants of the Miss America pageant a makeover, from fashion to make-up to how they present themselves. During their four week stay, the contestants will be judged each week, with a top three being chosen and a bottom three being chosen. The actually decisions from the judges on the show, which include: West Coast Us Weekly Editor Dina Sansing, Celebrity Photographer Mark Liddell and Make-Up Artist/Stylist Jeannie Mai, will help the judges from the pageant determine who will become Miss America 2008. For me, this makeover is completely mandatory. I’ve watched the Miss America pageants before when I was younger and looked up to them as role models. But as I became older, the contestants seemed fake. Their answers seemed scripted, they look like Barbie Dolls and not like actually people, and everyone, regardless on skin color, seemed the same, with no one that I was able to relate to. Hopefully, this serious will put a modern twist on an old tradition.

To find more info, watch the latest episodes or learn about the Miss’ of your state log onto this website: http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/miss-america/miss-america.html



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