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Take Me There: Mya-Blackstreet-Mase-BillyBlink December 14, 2007

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Take Me There was a featured song for the Rugrats Movie. This was one of my favorite songs during the late 90’s. Here’s the rundown on the artists who were featured on this song. BlackStreet, is most down for their popular hit “No Diggity” and had several hits from the early 90’s and early 2000s. They’ve also had a slew of member changes that include R&B singer David Hollister (known for his hit “My Favorite Girl”). Most of the current members have seperate myspace pages but I did find an fan site: http://www.rockonthenet.com/artists-b/blackstreet.htm 

Mya, www.myspace.com/therealmya, is a multi-talented entertainer: being a R&B singer, dancer and actress. Although she is mostly known in the gossip world as a singer with a bad reputation, music wise she is mostly known for her part in the hit single “Lady Marmalade” featuring Christina Aguilera,Pink and Lil’ Kim. As well as the crossover hit “Case of the Ex” from her sophomore album “Fear of Flying”. I’ve been a fan of hers since her first single “Its all about Me” featuring Sisqo.” Mya has also been in several movies including Chicago 2002,  2004’s Shall We Dance and 2006’s Cursed.  Although her movie career has taken off, her music career has slid down. Her third album, “Moodring” only produced two singles and even though she has released  a few songs  from her fourth album “Liberation” (which has yet to be released) including the recent single “Ridin”, none of them have had commercial success yet.

I don’t know much about rappers Billy Blank, but that he rapped on this song. According to wikipedia, rapper Mase, www.myspace.com/masesworld, who also raps on this song, is his brother. Mase, is a rapper turned minister turned rapper who has also had several hits during the 90’s including “Feel so good” and “Looking at Me”. Mostly known for being one of P.Diddy’s protege for Bad Boy Records, Mase is now a rapper for G-Unit and plans to release another album in the future.



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