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If I had an Ipod… November 28, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.
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Sara Bareilles( pronounced Bar- el-les) is a new singer/songwriter that I am growing to love. Her debut single “Love Song” has been on constant rotation on 95.5 PLJ in NYC and as is the video on VH1. Her sound is like a mixture of Norah Jones meets Fiona Apple (without the angst that Fiona has and more of the sweetness that Norah has). Her single ” Love Song” sounds, to me, like its not alot about love. Its about her having to write a love song for her significant other, in order for them to stay and her saying, “I’m not gonna write you a love song just because you want one, I need a actual reason”. Check out her Myspace Page, www.myspace.com/sarabareilles where you’ll find three other songs including a fave of mine called “Gravity“….Sean Kingston’s, www.seankingston.com, new song, “Take You There”, is slowly becoming a song I really like. At first it has this really fast/up tempo beat, that’s a little overwhelming, but it slows down and is very similar to freestyle music of the 80’s. “Take You There” is about Sean and a girl he likes, and telling her he can take her anywhere, to the west-indies to the hood LOL. Its a really good song for when you want to feel happy and bouncy….Linkin Park’s, www.myspace.com/linkinpark, new single “Shadow of the Day” is also a new song I really like. It definitely has more of a mainstream sound that their other songs, and it is in rotation on 92.3 KROQ, 95.5 PLJ and Z100 in NYC, all three being very different stations with different tastes in music. “Shadow of the Day”, about a new beginning in a person’s life,this shows in the lyrics: “In cards and flowers on your window, Your friends all plead for you to stay, sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple, sometimes good bye’s the only way”….You should definitely check out all three songs, I highly recommend them!!!!



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