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Shake Your Beauty October 30, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Blogs I Love.
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The blogger of the blog “Shake Your Beauty” is someone who I admire, since she has a succesful career in journalism.Tia Williams is a former beauty editor/director of several magazines including Glamour Magazine and the late Teen People Magazine and her blog” Shake Your Beauty”features posts on beauty and fashion tips, the latest trends and the life of a new york city gal. As a woman of color, she features beauty tips for women of all shades of brown( from African-American to Latina to Asian), I looooove her blog so much. Its the perfect mix if you’re a someone who loves make-up, fashion,style, the latest trends , and what’s happening in NYC, you should check out her blog.She’s also an author ( I have both books she’s written), wanting to be the black Jackie Collins, her first novel, The Accidental Diva, which is about an African-American beauty editor dramatic life with her rough around the edges boyfriend, and It Chicks, www.myspace.com/theitchicks, which focuses on the lives of Manhattan performing arts high school students and their trials and tribulations with each other. Definitely check out her blog, “Shake Your Beauty“, www.tiawilliams.net/blog and click on the links below to check out her novels.





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