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Cleansing Pads October 18, 2007

Posted by Ashley in skincare.
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 During my first year in college, I still had acne, pimples,zits, whatever you call it, I had it. I have oily skin and I tried with different mud masks and facial soaps but nothing to seemed to work. Until, I picked up Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Invigoration Cleansing Pads, it was on sale that week, and I decide to give it a try. During the first couple of weeks, I started to use it as well as Neutrogena’s Deep Cleab Foaming Scrub, and it worked. I would use the facial scrub in the morning, used the cleansing cloths when I came home from school and the facial scrub at night. It was like using Pro-Active without paying the expensive price. It only costs about $6 or $7, and I recommend buying this product if you’re having trouble with acne.




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