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New York Color Dust October 11, 2007

Posted by Ashley in eyeshadow/eye liner, glow.
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When I first started my love affair with make-up, I only bought cosmetics that were cheap, because that’s all I could afford. And although  I am still  “very poor” now, LOL, I still buy products from less expensive brands, like New York Color. New York Color’s Sparkle Eye Dust in champagne was one of my fave products. Since I always loved the J.Lo “glow” look, I loved that it had  gold reflectors in the shadow. It can look kind of ” pasty” if you apply too much. It only costs about 3 to 4 dollars, lasts for about four hours. Check out all the other shades of the Sparkle Eye Dust at, www.newyorkcolor.com



1. Ana Lopez - January 22, 2008

hola estimados señores
con una pregunta el producto q ustedes utilizan en polvo para
ojos puede causarlguna irritacion.
o que me aconseja

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