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An Explanation for Britney Spears VMA fiasco September 14, 2007

Posted by Ashley in ashmagazine music videos.

Britney Spears VMA Truth

I’m a Britney Fan, and I know this video can atleast help everyone from to focus on a problem that wasn’t her alledly drinking, that made her performance at the VMA’s not as good as her past performances.



1. BrittieRee - September 15, 2007

Hey, I saw your posting on Shake Your Beauty (my fav blog) and though I should check out your blog! I really like what you have here, so I’m going to comment on quite possible the most overblown story of the week.

Ahh, the infamous stiletto heal. But when you think about it, there are so many “infamous” components to that disastrous display of lip synching and drowsy choreography! Decisions, Decisions. I lived through Britney’s rise to supernova status, so I too feel that her fall from grace is disappointing at best. But hey, there’s always the release of her allegedly self-funded music video! “Gimmie More” stripper poles and biker leather. Here’s the story:


And what about her recent statement released by her lawyer, something about how Britney just wants to be a mother right now (check the always competent People.com for the scoop if you haven’t already). I don’t know about you, but nothing more clearly spells out mother like bondage and chanpagne rooms! Rawr!

It’s cool that you’re an aspiring journalist (so am I). Hope to read more here!


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