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Live Free or Die Hard July 6, 2007

Posted by Ashley in lifestyle.

 If you’re not one of the millions of people who saw the new Bruce Willis movie: Live Free or Die Hard, you’re missing some great action scenes, funny jokes and explosions that might give your a headache after the movie is over, LOL. I’m not a big fan of action movies (and have never seen a Die Hard movie either), but on July 4th , my family and I went to go see the 4th installment to the Die Hard Series. I only know Bruce Willis from the late 1980’s comedy Look Who’s Talking, so I had no idea whose John McClain was.

The movie is about two hours of fighting (Bruce Willis and bad girl Mai Lin, played by actress Maggie Q, is unreal!!!!), amazing stunts, and explosions that made everyone in the theatre gasp with excitement. It firsts starts off in New Jersey, Detective John McClain has followed his daughter on a date and argues with her about their distant relationship. It is also revealed that she goes to Rutgers University ( OMG, another Rutgers plug, this school, including the newark and camden campuses are a force to be reckoned with, check it out, www.rutgers.edu, www.nbp.rutgers.edu www.newark.rutgers.edu, www.camden.rutgers.edu ).

After the fight, he is then ordered travel to Camden to save a computer hacker, Matt Farrell, played by Justin Long ( the guy from the PC vs. MAC commercials) and the rest is history. Bruce Willis is your ultimate action hero , getting up everytime he is knocked down, either by plane or cop car. Also, Justin Long kept the crowd laughing with his nerdy humor (when asked by John if he’s okay, he replies “I skinned my knee and my asthma is acting up, but I’m okay”,), there’s even a cameo from Kevin Smith, playing the ultimate hacker to also helps John McClain. I give this movie, two thumbs up and defientley reccomend to see it, its the ultimate summer movie!!!!www.livefreeordiehard.com



1. kingsnet - December 20, 2007

total awesome movie this one was better then his others

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