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If I had an Ipod…. June 12, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.

Sean KingstonLil MamaDaughtry

Seventeen year-old Sean Kingston’s (www.myspace.com/seankingston) debut single, “Beautiful Girl“, is becoming a hit among both pop and R&B/Hip-Hop fans (being played both on z100 and Hot 97 here in the tri-state area). I love the fact that it has an old 50’s vibe to it, with the doo-wops in the background.  Another newcomer who is also seventeen, Brooklyn native Lil’Mama (www.myspace.com/lilmamaonline) came on to the scene with her hit single “Lip Gloss“. Its a song about, well…lip gloss and her first day at a new school and wanting everyone to like her, and everyone does because her lip gloss is “poppin”. She’s also become a remix queen, featuring on the remix to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, the Dr. Luke’s Remix, as well as Rhianna’s single Umbrella. American Idol inspired band, Daughtry’s (www.myspace.com/daughtry) new single, Home,is about their lives as rock stars and always returning home to not be caught up in the lifestyles of the rich and famous. They have a really nice sound, its rock music with a pop appeal, similar to Nickelback, who their on tour with this summer. All three songs I definitely recommend to download/buy!



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