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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers June 9, 2007

Posted by Ashley in eyeshadow/eye liner.


Cover Girl’s Eye Enhancer’s Eye Shadow in Trio and Quads give a great variety of shades to wear. I’ve always been a little afraid to wear eyeshadow ,especially blue eyeshadow, in fear that I would look like a clown. However, Cover Girl’s Eye Enhancers give an almost sheer shine with enough color to even it out. When applied, it has a soft, powder texture ,it doesn’t have an odor and it only costs about $5 each. For girls toned medum to dark toned, the shade Dance Party ( a palette of three shades of purple; trio)  & Coffee Shop (four shades of brown ranging from dark to light)looks great on a dark tone. For tan to olive skin girls, Shimmering Sands ( trio, three sheer shades of brown) & Urban Basics (four shades ranging from pink to brown) and for pale skin gals Evening Skies, (trio, three shades of blue) & Pure Romance (four shades of sheer color).



1. Ajent Orange - January 25, 2009

These are pretty nice for the price, but each compact is very different. Some are more sheer than others or too chalky. It is really hit or miss. I love Shimmering Sands and it has been in my kit for over 10 years. I really like Pure Romance too. I would like to try Coffee Shop, it sounds very wearable.

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