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T.A.T.U. May 31, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Back in the day.


Do you remember T.A.T.U? They were a female russian duo (Lena Katina & Yulia Volkova ) who were most famous for wearing catholic school girl uniforms (like Britney Spears in her first single, “Hit Me Baby One More Time”)and their lesbian ways (like making out on stage during the song) than for their voices. They came to the United States in late 2001 and debuted their first single, “All the things she said” off their U.S. album 200 kh/m in the wrong lane. Their music was a mix of dance, pop, and techno, with lesbian themes in almost every song. Their touch-feelly behavior was seen as uncomfortable to others, because they were so comfortable with it (however, in real life, they aren’t lesbians or bisexuals). I actually liked their songs and they did a great remake of the song “How Soon is Now?” by the band Love Spit Love. They also released another album Dangerous and Moving, but it wasn’t released in the U.S. Check out their website at www.tatugirls.com



1. hasn - June 1, 2007


2. rvin@ - August 14, 2008

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!

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