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For NYC Lovers Only May 29, 2007

Posted by Ashley in lifestyle.

Although both these movies are geared toward the younger audience, if you love NYC and the underdog, you’ll love these two movies. Little Manhattan, an independent film that debuted in 2005, is about a Gabe, a 10 year old boy from the Upper West Side who experiences his first taste at love with Rosemary Telesco, a 11 year-old childhood friend who soon becomes his first crush. Although the movie is more about love its also liking an hour and 20 minutes advertising for NYC, with Central Park being one of the main characters. Its a love story that anyone from 11 to 26 to 40 can relate too, a must see if you’re interested in enduring the adventure that is NYC. Also, the independent documentary, Mad Hot Ballroom, also featured in 2005, show’s three NYC schools prepare to compete in a annual dancing competition. Although the contest is open to over 30 teams, the film focuses on three teams as they dance the salsa, groove to the swing, and move their hips while doing the tango. The children’s answers to questions about life are extremely funny. When a boy was asked about the changes that happen to boys when they turn 11, he complained about washing twice a day, and changing his bed sheets after he peed and use deodorant, and if you’re looking for more laughs, one girl stated that 11 year old girls are the number one target for kidnappers right next to her classmate, another 11 year old girl whose facial expression is priceless. All three teams are underdogs in their own rights, one from Brooklyn, another from Tribeca and the last from Washington heights, they all show their desire to win but to also have fun at the same time. Be sure to check out their websites: www.littlemanhattan.com and www.paramountvantage.com/madhot/



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