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If I had an Ipod…. May 18, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.

Lily AllenKelly RowlandAmy Winehouse Photo

Two british bombshells and one southern bell have the best songs to download and the best albums to buy. Lily Allen’s single, “Smile”, is about an ex-boyfriend’s whose done her wrong too many times and how she smiles whenever he is hurt b/c of how much crap he’s put her through. The video definetley matches the songs message, my favorite scene is when she pays a few guys to beat up her ex, and she comforts him afterwards, not knowing she set it up. Kelly Rowland’s new single, “Like This” is an upbeat party song, that features a verse from rapper Eve. At first, I didn’t think it was her”, it sounded similar to Monica, but I love the song. Its a feel good song and the video features “Ms.Kelly”, prancing around in a silver Tina Turneresque dress, showing she is not in Beyonce’s shadow, proof in the lyrics, “I told ya’ll I was gonna bump like this, ya’ll didn’t think that I could bump like this”. Amy Winehouse is now becoming more famous for her allegedly having crazy sex with an ex-boyfirend(who has been giving tabloids complete details of their sexcapades), but her music is something that will overcome the rumors. Her new single, “Rehab”, isn’t about a drinking problem, its more about a complicated relationship. The song, yet again like the first single, has an old-school feet to it that can appeal to any generation. With its horns and trumpets in the background accompanied by Amy’s voice, its a mix of Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B.



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