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Bath & Body Love! January 30, 2007

Posted by Ashley in fragrance, Lotion.

I’ve been a fan of Bath & Body Works products since I was a sophomore in High School when I recieved a gift basket that included body lotion, body spray, and shower gel in the scent of Pearberry (which i recieved alot of compliments for). Their products are not too pricey (the avearge expensive price is $10) and they always have great sales to save and spend more money on their fabulous products! My favorite scent is Cherry Blossom (since its my favorite flower) but they do have a line of excellent scents that last through out the day and will keep you smelling good through out the night! I highly reccomend to buy them!



1. The Fragrance Boutique - April 4, 2007

Oh aren’t we all B&B fans! My bathroom is FULL of B&B products. I found a scent that was being discontinued called honeysuckle. If you ever find it grab it up because it’s really hard to find. It’s by far my favorite scent (cucumber melon, and American Girl’s Lemon Ice lotion are my second favorites). The cherry
blossom is awesome too though. There are just soooooooo many scents at Bath and Bodyworks to choose from that it’s really hard to pick a favorite. 🙂

Have you tried their lotions in the glass bottle (called Purely Silk)??? It makes your skin feel like silk. It’s actually weird feeling. My favorite fragrance in this is the cucumber melon.

If you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend ANY of B&B products.

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