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Shinylicious! January 25, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Lipstick/gloss/liner.

                                        By way of the Rutgers-Newark.NJIT Career fair, I found three new shades! from Maybelline’s Shinylicious lip Gloss collection that i love! : jam’n’jelly, raiz’n’razzle and berry-clear. And..i got them for free ( they usually cost about $5 each at CVS or pathmark). shinylicious is my favorite lip gloss (next to L’Oreal’s Color Juice lip gloss). My favorite shades are strawberry tart and berry bella. I would love to try Lancome’s Juicy Tubes lip gloss, but as student on a budget..i have to make some sacrfices. But definetley check out shinylicious, it has the perfect match of color and gloss!



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