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If I had an Ipod…. January 23, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.


On Sunday, I was listening to Hot 97 and I was listening to a song that I really liked. It talked about the hard times of three young girls go through, and Mary J. Blige was singing the chorus, definetley bringing the emotion to the song. While listening, I though the person who was rapping sounded like Ludacris, but then I thought, No, its not him, it must be Common or a new rapper, from what I’ve heard those lyrics are too deep for him. But In fact it was Ludacris, and I was shocked. This song has such a good message for hip-hop when about 90% is everything is about beefs with other rappers and how many women they’ve slept with. This song has depth too it, and I admire Ludacris for putting this song as his second single to hit airplay and not a hidden track or a song that gets lost with the others that didn’t make the cut. I also like Ciara’s new single ” Promise”, i like the beat, and she’s singing it higher vocal ranges than her regular tone. I’ve also seen the video, which is very sexy,  Lil Bow Wow should be slappin’ himself right now for dumping her.



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