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If I had an Ipod…. January 22, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.

AmerieJohn Mayer

I was listening to Hot 97 with DJ envy last week when I heard Amerie’s new single “Take Control“. I have her first two albums “All I have” ( My fave songs from that album are : Why Don’t We Fall in Love, Got to be there, Float, I just died) and “Touch” ( My fave songs are : All I need, Not the Only One and TalkinAbout). I kinda like her new single, but it has more a club beat and I like her songs that are more easy-listening, more R&B. I also like the message of John Mayer’s new song ” Waitin’ on the World to Change” I definetley relate to that song, and I’m glad its on Z100. I know I talk alot about this station but its a mainstream station and certain artists I like aren’t heard on Z100 and if they are, their song has been edited or they only have one hit song from the mainstream artists but in their own genre of music their producing new singles and CD’s every year. I also heard that Scarlett Johanson is going to be realeasing an album next year, I love her as an actress (i.e. Ghost World, The Perfect Score, In Good Company) but I don’t know…I’ll have to see it to believe it.



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