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If I had an Ipod… January 18, 2007

Posted by Ashley in Music.

Beyoncé Photo

I first heard Beyonce’s new song, “Irrecplacable” on Power After Hours w/ Cherry Martinez and her “Sexy In the City” show. She plays mostly love songs (i.e. break-ups, make-ups, let’s get married kind of songs). I didn’t even know it was Beyonce until she said it was from her album B-Day. Its been getting great reviews from every radio station, Z100 has only been playing Deja Vu and not her more hip-hop songs like Upgrade U- featuring Jay-Z and Ring the Alarm (i.e. I loved her performance at the VMA’s of this song, especially the choreography). Since Irreplacable sounds more like Pop music, I knew that people at Z100 would love it. On to more rock music… I’ve always been sort of a fan of Nickelback, meaning i’ll listen to their music on the radio but I won’t actually buy their album however, their new single “Far Away” just might make me do it. I like their other single ” Photograph” and I have ” How you remind me” as from one of the “Now…” CD’s. They’re another band from Canada that I like (i.e. Sum 41 and the girl band Lillix). I also like Blue October’s “Hate Me”, i like the message of the song( a person who is dealing with his addiction to alcohol and the woman who helped him get clean) but what i don’t get is the ending, is it people singing happy birthday, is it a party, it sounds really weird



1. keisha - June 21, 2008

what do u do to keep your shape in place and tell me about the make over that u have done?

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